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What is the basic concept of this service?

Honest Editing exists to provide editorial services for writers and authors. No matter how talented, every writer needs a good editor. What we provide is honest, no frills, feedback about your manuscript. We take seriously the trust you put in our services and will not just give  you a bunch of flowery words about your writing. In places where your writing is good, we will gladly tell you. And is places where it bogs down or is not so hot, we will tell you the truth in those places also. The goal is to help you improve your writing and make it the best it can be..

Once I register, what is the next step?

After you register by filling out the registration form and select the service you desire along with the appropriate payment, you will be notified within 48 hours about the next step. In that notification you will be asked to privide, by email, your manuscript, synopsis, and other information needed to complete the work you have paid for.

Once that information is provided to Honest Editing, you will be assigned an editor to work on your project.

How long does the editing process take?

It depends on the service you have signed up for. Proposals usually take about a week. Full Evaluations can take 2-4 weeks, depending on complexity. Full edits take longer, depending on the process required and how quickly the author replies to communications from their assigned editor..

Is there are reduced fee for Children’s books that have fewer words/pages?

Depending on the size of the Children’s book, we may be able to reduce the fee. You can inquire about this by emailing your question to info@writersedgeservice.com  Be sure to attach your manuscript so we can estimate the price. Also let us know which service you are asking us to provide.

Why is there no phone number to call Honest Editing?

The Honest Editing Editorial Service has no office open to the public. We encourage email and try to respond promptly. Email us at info@writersedgeservice.com.  Most of the questions that might come by phone can be answered by reading the material here at the website, including these Frequently Asked Questions.

How can my writers’ group, writers’ conference, or club distribute information about the Honest Editing Manuscript Service?

We encourage promotion and distribution of Honest Editing information. One way we do this is by exchanging website links. When a Christian writer’s group agrees to place the Honest Editing link on their site, we reciprocate by placing a link at the Honest Editing site for local area writers as well as offering a special discount coupon for your members. To enact this exchange, please email us at info@WritersEdgeService.com.
You can also provide them with this website address so they can get online to submit. When writers use the service, invite them to report on their experience. Honest Editing has dozens of satisfied customers.

Why is your email address “info@writersedgeservice” and the credit card charge “Writer’s Edge” instead of Honest Editing?

Because Honest Editing is a subsidiary of Writer’s Edge Service. You can check out more about Writer’s Edge Service at www.writersedgeservice.com. Both entities are owned by the same company and run by the same management.