honestediting_frontHonest Editing is a service provided by Writer’s Edge to give authors the editorial help they need. Our team of editors are trained professionals from a variety of publishing fields. We contract with them to work directly with you to improve the quality, scope, and style of your proposal and/or manuscript. Many of our editors have “day jobs” in the field — they work as book editors, college professors, book marketing experts, professional freelancers and more – they know what publishers and readers are looking for — and they are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your book project.

We provide this help in three basic ways which includes a Book Proposal, a Full Evaluation, or a Full Manuscript Edit. Here is more details about each:

    1. BOOK PROPOSAL: We can create a professionally designed proposal for you so that when you submit your work to a publisher, you are giving them something that will insure all the needed elements are included and leaves an excellent impression.
      COST: $299.00

      For a fee of $299, we will provide a fully prepared, professionally designed PROPOSAL so that when you present your manuscript to a publisher, you can be sure it is professionally looking and complete with all the information a prospective publisher will want to see. First impressions are powerful and the proposal we will design for you will give you that edge. View an actual Proposal here

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    2. FULL EVALUATION: Our editors, with many years of experience, can provide a full evaluation of your manuscript to you, letting you know where it is weak, where it is strong, and what you need to do to make it better.
      COST: $699.00

      For a fee of $699, we will provide a Full Evaluation of your manuscript. This includes detailed comments from your assigned editor on what is weak and what is strong in your manuscript and some coaching on what to do to fix it. It also includes “track changes” on up to two chapters, depending on length, of your manuscript so you can see comments from the editor right where the issue are that are being highlighted. The Full Evaluation will point you in the right direction in terms of fixing what issues there may be with your manuscript and need improvement, rewriting, or correction. View an actual Full Evaluation here

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    3. FULL MANUSCRIPT EDIT: Every manuscript and every writer needs a professional editor if they hope to succeed in not only being published, but in generating readers. Nothing reflects worse on an author than having a poorly edited manuscript. We carefully assign the right editor with experience in your manuscript’s genre.
      COST: $1,999.00

      For a fee of $1,999, we will provide a Complete Concept Edit of your manuscript…page by page, chapter by chapter up to 75,000 words. If it is over 75,000 words, there is an added fee of $75 per 5,000 words or portion thereof. This is a full blown “track changes” concept edit by your assigned editor.  View an actual Full Edit here

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